House of nature

Cold pressed juices

House of nature

Cold pressed juices

COLD squeezed juices

Cold squeezed juices were obtained by cold pressing of ripe and first class fruits and vegetables. After pressing, the juice is pasteurized to a temperature of 85 C and steamed in sterilized glass bottles of 0.2, 0.75 and 1 L. The juice obtained in this way retained all the beneficial ingredients and taste of fresh fruits or vegetables, since we did not add water, sugar, flavors, sweeteners, additives and preservatives. Try it and enjoy …


“DOMAĆE” juices are made from 100% fruit concentrated juice obtained from first-class fruits and vegetables. The concentrated fruit juice is mixed with spring water to obtain a nice, comfortable and healthy juice, which is pasteurized at 81 C to preserve all the nutritious and medicinal properties of fruits and vegetables. . We do not add sugar, sweeteners or preservatives and pack it in glass containers. Try it and enjoy …



Choosing the best fruits, cold squeezing fresh fruits, separates the pulp, which preserves vitamins and other nutrients, and the juice retains the taste of freshly harvested fruit. Pasteurization and glass packaging preserve the freshness and quality of the juice, without the use of preservatives. Cold squeezed juices for your body are as good as fresh fruits.

Natural and healthy

Juices made from fresh and healthy fruits, washed with clean mountain water.


Made from cold-pressed fruit and pasteurized, without preservatives or sugar.

Where to buy

In many stores and pharmacies in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina 50% 50%
  • Serbia 15% 15%
  • Croatia 14% 14%
  • Slovenia 7% 7%
  • Sweden 7% 7%
  • Switzerland 10% 10%
  • Catar 7% 7%
  • United Arab Emirates 6% 6%

Natural and healthy juices


COLD SQUIZED JUICES made from healthy, ripe fruit without the addition of concentrates, preservatives, sugars, sweeteners and water. These are the most delicious and 100% natural juices.


Juices made by cold squeezing selected fresh fruits of several fruits full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, intended to strengthen the body and immunity.


Juices made from concentrated juices in packages of 720ml. The recipes and the making process give you delicious, quality and affordable natural products.


Line cold squeezed juices intended for consumption in restaurants.

Mala pakovanja za DM

Juices in small packs of 200ml that you can buy only in DM drogerie markets.


New line of top quality non-preservative juices in PET packaging of 330ml and 750ml.

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If you are interested in having our juices available in your catering or sales facility, send us an e-mail and our salesman will visit you.

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If you are interested in having our juices available in your catering or sales facility, send us an e-mail and our salesman will visit you.

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